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Pinhole Photography

Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop on Pinhole Photography at The Analogue Laboratory.  6 fun-filled hours of wandering around with a pinhole camera and having a play in the darkroom….aahh bliss.

Alex Bishop-Thorpe and Aurelia Carbone are two very talented Adelaide artists who run this facility within the Fontanelle Gallery and Studio complex at Bowden, South Australia.  It is an artist run space that specialises in traditional and experimental photographic techniques and they often run workshops.  This recent workshop was the first that I had attended and I hope to attend others later in the year.

Here are some of the images that sprouted from this workshop.  Not masterpieces by any means, but examples of photo image making using what you have at hand.  Alex made us all a 4 x 5 pinhole camera to use on the day out of MDF and rubber bands.  I also made a camera out of a paint tin.  Through trial and error it is possible to produce decent images using a pinhole camera.


4 x 5 pinhole camera



pinhole panoramas using a paint tin as the camera



I’ve also just bought myself a panoramic pinhole lomo camera which I’m yet to use.  Looking forward to getting out and seeing what I can come up with.

Details about The Analogue Laboratory can be found here

The next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 28 2013.  Details available here



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