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Bill Viola

Although the Adelaide Festival of Arts is coming to a close, the highlight of the visual art programme was definitely the works of Bill Viola.  Never before has a collection of Viola’s work been experienced on such a scale in Australia.  A master of the video art medium, his work is dramatic and thought-provoking.  The Artistic Director of the Festival David Sefton sums up Viola’s work;

“Viola’s work ranges from the intimate to the epic while always retaining elements of deep spirituality and thoughtfulness; poignant, often moving and always evocative.  Viola is without doubt one of the artists responsible for video art being considered an art form worthy of proper attention…”

7 large-scale works were installed over 3 venues – The Art Gallery of South Australia, St Peter’s Cathedral and Queen’s Theatre.  Many of these works have never been seen before in Australia and were drawn from his extensive collection of works from 1996 – 2012.  I had the privilege of attending a forum with Bill Viola and Kira Perov in which he discussed his art practice and the concepts behind many of his works.

Fire Woman 2005, Colour High-Definition video projection

Fire Woman 2005 (still sequence), Colour High-Definition video projection, 4 channel sound (4.1), 11:12 mins

The above images were taken from Fire Woman which depicts the silhouette of a female figure standing before a wall of flames. After a few moments, she steps forward, opens her arms and falls into her own reflection…

When the flames of passion and fever finally engulf the inner eye, and the realisation that desire’s body will never again be met blinds the seer, the reflecting surface is shattered and collapses into its essential form – undulating wave patterns of pure light…

– as printed in the exhibition catalogue

The above work in addition to Tristan’s Ascension were exhibited in the old Queen’s Theatre, a fantastic venue that provided an encapsulating audience experience.

Tristan's Ascension 2005, Colour High-Definition video projection, 4 channel sound (4.1), 10:16 mins

Tristan’s Ascension 2005, Colour High-Definition video projection, 4 channel sound (4.1), 10:16 mins

Tristan’s Ascension describes the ascent of the soul in the space after death as it is awakened and drawn up in a backwards flowing waterfall.  Both of these works are only on display until 10pm tomorrow 15th March.  There are another 4 works being exhibited at the Art Gallery of South Australia until Sun 29th March.  More information on the works of Bill Viola can be found at his official website


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Photobooks #4

If you didn’t know already, Hijacked Vol 2 is currently available through Big City Press and the exhibition to accompany the book release is currently on tour around Australia.  Next stop…ADELAIDE.  The official opening is on Saturday 14th May at the Samstag Museum.  I’m lucky to own both the Hijacked publications with the third offering (Australia/UK) coming out in 2012.  The best thing is that submissions for the next Hijacked are still open, with details available here.

Hijacked 2 is a comprehensive and expansive photographic compendium, and the first to delineate the important artistic and socio-cultural relationship that exists between Australia and Germany. Building on the considerable success of the inaugural publication Hijacked 1 – Australia and America; Hijacked 2 showcases the diverse talents and perspectives of 32 contemporary German and Australian photographers. With a focus on the depiction and representation of the young, the boundary-riding, and fringe-dwelling, Hijacked is layered with imagery both evocative and confronting, dreamlike and rousing.

Australian Artists:
Narelle Autio, James Brickwood, Michael Corridore, Andrew Cowen, Tamara Dean, Jackson Eaton, Suzie Fox, Lee Grant, Derek Henderson, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ingvar Kenne, Bronek Kózka, Georgia Metaxas, Conor O’Brien, Polixeni Papapetrou and Louis Porter.

German Artists:
Johanna Ahlert, Natalie Bothur, Jörg Brüggemann, Thekla Ehling, Albrecht Fuchs, Karsten Kronas, Anne Lass, Jens Liebchen, Myriam Lutz, Julian Röder, Josef Schulz, Oliver Sieber, Ivonne Thein, Olaf Unverzart, Jan Von Holleben and Sascha Weidner.

If you love contemporary photography, definitely get to the Samstag and see the exhibition.  It finishes on the 1st of July.

All images and publication information courtesy of Big City Press.

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SALA – Trent Parke

It’s that time of the year again when Adelaide comes alive with ART!  The South Australian Living Artists festival is on again and there is so much to see, all over the state…it’s difficult to know where to start!

A must see is the Trent Parke exhibition at The Hugo Michell Gallery on Portrush Rd.  He is one of my favourite Australian photographers and is the first Australian to become a full member of the Magnum Photo Agency.  The exhibition is a retrospective of the last 14 years of his photographic practice and is a must see.  The exhibition runs from the 29th July – 28th August.

images by Trent Parke courtesy of Stills Gallery.

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Medium Format Photographic Exhibition

Analogue Exhibition flyer

Analogue is an exhibition which celebrates medium format film photography – a collection of  Black and White images taken with vintage and toy cameras by Melissa Ramirez, Dax Pointon and Stuart Frossell.  If you can get to Sydney and you love medium format, then pop in and have a look.

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Foto Freo 2010

FotoFreo is a month long celebration of photography showcasing the work of internationally renown and emerging photographers, generating awareness, inciting discussion and creating a forum for the exploration of ideas and issues relating to the practice and art of photography. FotoFreo 2010 presents an exciting programme of photography exhibitions, discussions, floor talks, projections & films with invited guests from the international photography community. This year FotoFreo will take place in venues across Fremantle and Perth and on Rottnest Island.

cost: All exhibitions and floor talks are free

where: Fremantle WA

when: 20 March to 18 April 2010

If you can get to Fremantle during this festival it is well worth the effort. Photographers exhibiting include: Narelle Autio, Trent Parke and Pat Brassington as well as many others from Asia, Europe and North America. For more info on the festival go to

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