Street Art – Nuria Mora

Ok…I know this is primarily a photoblog but I just had to share with you the work of Nuria Mora.  Her work is subtle in its approach…she works with the environment in which the work is placed and doesn’t detract from it.  It’s almost a ‘feminine’ approach to Street Art, not so much for the themes of her work but in the way it is placed in the spaces she chooses.  The photographs included here are a wonderful document of her amazing work.

Her work is multi-dimensional.  Apart from her Street Art, she also engages in Sound and Light Art.

Here she has utilised advertising light boxes for her art.

Glass is also a canvas that is often utilised…maybe glass bus shelters wouldn’t be vandalised as often if they were decorated in this way.

and for the light show…

more of Nuria’s work can be found at her site here.  Thanks to . of paper and things . for the link.

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