Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini is a contemporary Australian artist who is known for her elaborate sculptures and installations that deal with ideas revolving around genetic mapping & manipulation, body imaging technologies and media culture.  Currently, her retrospective is being shown at the Art Gallery of South Australia and consists of her entire oeuvre to date.  I was lucky enough to visit the exhibition recently which took up the entire lower floor exhibition space.

Alongside her anthropomorphic machines and hybrid creatures, I was particularly drawn to an installation called Sandman.  Using video, photographic imagery and sculpture Piccinini transports us through the mysteries of human evolution, teenage angst and the ‘car culture’ of 1970’s Australia.

Although I’m familiar with Piccinini’s work, it was great seeing all her work in one venue.  If you get a chance, get along to the Art Gallery of SA and take a look.  The exhibition concludes on the 26th June.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.  Details about Sandman or any other work by the artist can be found at her site here.



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