Photobooks #4

If you didn’t know already, Hijacked Vol 2 is currently available through Big City Press and the exhibition to accompany the book release is currently on tour around Australia.  Next stop…ADELAIDE.  The official opening is on Saturday 14th May at the Samstag Museum.  I’m lucky to own both the Hijacked publications with the third offering (Australia/UK) coming out in 2012.  The best thing is that submissions for the next Hijacked are still open, with details available here.

Hijacked 2 is a comprehensive and expansive photographic compendium, and the first to delineate the important artistic and socio-cultural relationship that exists between Australia and Germany. Building on the considerable success of the inaugural publication Hijacked 1 – Australia and America; Hijacked 2 showcases the diverse talents and perspectives of 32 contemporary German and Australian photographers. With a focus on the depiction and representation of the young, the boundary-riding, and fringe-dwelling, Hijacked is layered with imagery both evocative and confronting, dreamlike and rousing.

Australian Artists:
Narelle Autio, James Brickwood, Michael Corridore, Andrew Cowen, Tamara Dean, Jackson Eaton, Suzie Fox, Lee Grant, Derek Henderson, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ingvar Kenne, Bronek Kózka, Georgia Metaxas, Conor O’Brien, Polixeni Papapetrou and Louis Porter.

German Artists:
Johanna Ahlert, Natalie Bothur, Jörg Brüggemann, Thekla Ehling, Albrecht Fuchs, Karsten Kronas, Anne Lass, Jens Liebchen, Myriam Lutz, Julian Röder, Josef Schulz, Oliver Sieber, Ivonne Thein, Olaf Unverzart, Jan Von Holleben and Sascha Weidner.

If you love contemporary photography, definitely get to the Samstag and see the exhibition.  It finishes on the 1st of July.

All images and publication information courtesy of Big City Press.

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