Tim Lisko – Shinkansen

Tim Lisko’s images are photographic abstractions – he removes the object from the equation and what is left is a presence of what once was.  His Shinkansen series of photographs were taken as he travelled on the Bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, leaving the shutter open and thus presenting a series of abstract landscapes or colour studies of the view outside of the train window.  A simple technique beautifully executed.

A couple of years ago, I adapted this technique for a series of images called ‘Night-time Suburbia’.  I kept the shutter open at 2 second intervals to capture the view from a moving commuter train from Adelaide to Elizabeth at night.  I’ve included a selection below.

The best reason to use this technique is the total randomness of the results…shoot digitally to build up confidence and then switch to film if you can afford to do so.  There are endless possibilites with this technique so go on, get out there and have fun with it.

More examples of Tim’s work can be found here.

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One response to “Tim Lisko – Shinkansen

  1. very similar to Joe’s work that he did when he visited the Eyre Peninsula!
    I miss Joe

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