The Fringe and other things…

I know it’s been a little while since my last posting…Although I was hoping to keep everyone updated on my final year at Arts College, I’ve had to put everything on hold as I was offered a full-time job that was too great to pass up.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish my degree at a later stage.  So what’s been happening? Well…

  • I start my new job on Monday
  • I’m also volunteering during the Adelaide Fringe Festival…working all day and volunteering at night, Whew!!
  • The Adelaide Film Festival is also running concurrently, so I’ve got tix to quite a few films as well!

For those of you who live in Adelaide, you are all probably familiar with the Rundle Street Lantern and during the Fringe it is being utilised as an enormous digital canvas for local artists.

The Rundle Lantern is a unique canvas that uses computer controlled LEDs to illuminate 748 square panels to deliver a platform for digital art. It operates each night from dusk until midnight, with extra hours for special events.  At 1066 square metres, it can be programmed to display numbers, letters and geometric shapes as well as an infinite array of lights, colour, morphing designs and patterns.

If you don’t live in Adelaide, you can view the Lantern by webcam from here. Just wait till after dark though! If you can get to Adelaide, the Fringe is on for another 2 weeks.

Photos by Kylie Macey using phone camera. Info courtesy of the City of Adelaide site here.


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