2011…the year ahead

This year will be a busy one…I will be finally graduating from Art College.  I am currently undecided on the direction of my graduation exhibition images but I plan to keep you all updated on my blog, with any feedback appreciated.

I currently have a journal of ideas with black and white imagery featuring highly.  I think the satisfaction of taking the images and printing them myself is currently outweighing anything I could produce either digitally or with colour film.  Then again, I have a habit of changing my mind at the last minute.

Recently, I have been researching tilt-shift photography both in-camera and digitally manipulated imagery in Photoshop.  I gave this technique a go late last year during an assignment and was pretty happy with the result considering it was my first attempt.

This photograph was taken from the top of a carpark then manipulated in Photoshop for the result that you see here.  There are many photographers working today that use this technique and there are many ways to get similar results using many different methods.  The Photoshop method is possibly the cheapest and easiest way but there are lenses that when attached to a camera, give similar results.  Purpose built lenses are very expensive though.  However, I came across a publication through the Magcloud website that gives photographers DIY guides on how to build their own tilt-shift lenses using regular lenses and a few other materials at much less cost than the real thing.

I don’t have to come up with my final photo series until later in the year, so in the meantime I plan to experiment with a few different techniques and concepts for the next few months and see what happens…stay tuned!

Here are some more examples of tilt-shift photography from other photographers courtesy of Smashing Magazine.


Christopher Chan - Sydney Apple Store



London Bus



NYC Central Station



Timmy Toucan

More examples of tilt-shift photography can be found here.  Information about Magcloud can be found here.


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  1. Fantastic urban shots. Several look like very detailed architectural models. It’s fascinating, seeing things from above. It can make an ugly building, for example, look beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing,

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