Photopolymer Printing

Recently I was fortunate enough to be involved in a Photopolymer printing workshop.  Printmaking using these plates offers a new range of imaging possibilities for photographers as there are a range of images that can be produced from a single type of plate.  It is also extremely safe…no toxic chemicals here!

Only a UV light source (sunlight is capable but it takes longer), and ordinary tap water is required to process a plate prior to printing.  The plates can also be handled in ordinary room lighting conditions, a darkroom is not required.  Apart from an inkjet printer, a UV light source and a few traditional printmaking materials, this technique can be used by anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

One of best advantages of photopolymer printmaking is the range of images that can be produced.  Drawings on film, photographs, photocopies, collage, digital images and even found objects can be used to create interesting images.  The plates also hold text quite well.  The workshop was held over two days with the making of the plates being the most time intensive part of the process.

I found the workshop very enjoyable and informative and would like to thank  Di Longley for the time and effort she put in as well as the use of her personal studio.  The images below were achieved from this workshop.

Seascape – Kangaroo Island

Sunset – Semaphore Beach

Botanical Gardens – Adelaide

Instructions for this technique can be found here.  The portfolio of Di Longley can be found here.


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