My Online Life

For my most recent project I constructed 6 lightboxes (using mountboard, tracing paper and gaffa tape) and installed them over light fixtures inside the AC Arts building.  Each lightbox represented an online reference to my life, written in QR code and printed onto transparencies.

Installation (close up)


on site


Each lightbox had the QR code for various web addresses contained within, with a clearer version of said code above.  This allowed for the viewer to use their phone’s reader (Nokia N series, iPhone app) to decifer the code and take the viewer to that web address in their phone’s browser.  Each web address is a reference to my life online – facebook, blog, portfolio and video.  These are places on the web that I have some control over and for which I wish to share with others. I know it’s naive to think that I have control of my own information online but at least I have the opportunity to edit what I put out there on the web.


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4 responses to “My Online Life

  1. Cally

    did you have to get permission from security because i had a nightmare of a time last year when i put the colour gels over the lights on the stairs

    • I did…I just went and asked them and was told that as long as I didn’t block the stairs in any way, it was fine. I couldn’t leave them there though, I had to take them down once presentation was over.

  2. this is sooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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